2008 Will Be Great! (for the comedians)

So the Democratic National Committee hired Jenni Engebretsen — RIAA Director of Communications to be their Deputy CEO for Public Affairs — i.e. in charge of PR. (thanks to Boing Boing for the news).

I can’t think of a single better decision — what better way to get out the message for a national political party than to hire the person responsible for delivering the message from a organization that does their best to treat every constituent like a criminal, picks out at random several to ruin financially, wants the right to lie and get personal information to ruin them financially, would like to destroy the net, appears to use management strategies similar to the same management strategies as drug cartels, and negotiates quite one-sided deals with their content producers?

The only way this gets even better is if the Republican National Committee hires its PR director from Halliburton. Or Don Imus. However, don’t worry folks about all the fun being one sided — I assure you the RNC will certainly do something equally as stupid (like their NRCC counterparts using telemarketing spam and fake awards to raise money).

Which all, of course, means that for most of us, 2008 will be absolutely the best entertainment possible. Leno/Letterman should have a field day.