Some moments in life require a suspension of all the things that we know to be true,


if only for that moment that we might see things in ways that we ordinarily would not – Jay

The second greatest joy

While this blog and most especially that even more geekily weird one involving plastic dinosaurs continue to languish in appropriate obscurity – it is with great mirth that I watch the stats on my humble flickr account. From time to time I think of leaving it to go to smugmug or another service… but you just can’t beat landing on page one for a Google Search for “dust cloth” with images like this:

Improvised Dust Cloth _Improvised Dust Cloth: I had to dust the cabinets today. Never let an engineer get the bright idea to do this. _

There’s real funny, and there’s just funny, and questionably funny, and lastly my own funny, and my own crazy jokes are joy – at least to me, and that’s what it’s all about.

The Joy of the New

There is little in this life that measures up to the joy of the new – seeing and experiencing things for the very first time.

Except the joy of seeing that in others.

Our dog Winston, seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.