Word to the wise

It should be noted that “==” does not equal “=” – in fact, they mean very different things.

Beware the seductive nature of cut and paste

Little things matter. If you don’t make an effort to address the little things you will not be prepared to deal with the big things.

Other wise words from Billy

(although I completely disagree about the 2 birds with one stone comment – sometimes it pays to try to wound multiple flying creatures with a single projectile.)


I’ve been going back and “porting” a lot of miscellaneous documentation and email essays I had lying around into the wiki section of this here website. (hint: click “recent” beside the “Default” space).

Some of it is worthwhile, some of it is just long. All of it is rambly.

But it may make an interesting addition to your RSS feeds.

My First Applescript

I end up downloading a lot of “stuff” – documents from various places on campus, trial utilities, software updates, etc.

While I save the downloads to /Users/me/Downloads instead of the desktop, I often get lost in the leftover download detritus of stuff I still want to get to, but haven’t. So I’ve been wanting some kind of rudimentary ability to file my downloads to some appropriate directory.

Hence my first Applescript – taking advantage of the really cool folder actions feature in Macintosh OS X (Panther).

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving these_items     set theDate to current date     set folderName to the date string of theDate     tell application "Finder"        if not (exists folder folderName of this_folder) then           make new folder at this_folder with properties {name:folderName}        end if     end tell     repeat with i from 1 to number of items in these_items        set this_item to item i of these_items        tell application "Finder"           move file this_item to folder folderName of this_folder        end tell     end repeat  end adding folder items to

I’m not sure I like Applescript all that much (like compared to Perl or PHP) – but it’ll do.

On Spam

My self-selected quote from an email to a University mailing list:

I think at some point we have to depend on the recipients to use his/her
most powerful computer of all, and apply the same critical thinking and
reasoning skills that we demand of them in their University pursuits to
determine the legitimacy of online communication.

I am beginning to believe more and more and more that people turn their brains off when using the computer. Why is that?

CherryOS, PearPC, Duel!

It looks like CherryOS is a cherry bomb

I love intarnet drama.

And for the record – I always use Spiro Multimax 3000 in my code – don’t you?

“There are some functionalities that can only be done a certain way,” he said. “Names are going to be similar or identical because there are only certain ways to do things.”

A thousand monkeys materialized out of thin air to type this post.

They Broke The Intarnet

It looks like the internet is broken at “level3.net”

Not being able to google puts a certain crimp in one’s development activities.

traceroute to www.google.akadns.net (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets   1  poehub-6509msfc-1.ncstate.net (  0.942 ms  ...   2  cmdfcore-6509-1-vl900.ncstate.net (  0.528 ms  ...   3  ncsugw2-gi2-1.ipt.ncstate.net (  0.575 ms  ...   4  ncsu7600-gw-to-ncsu7609-1.ncren.net (  0.662 ms  ...   5  rtp7600-gw-to-ncsu7600-gw.ncren.net (  1.464 ms  ...   6  rtp1-gw-to-rtp7600-gw.ncren.net (  1.644 ms  ...   7  ge-6-1-101.hsa2.raleigh1.level3.net (  2.239 ms  ...   8  so-6-0-0.mpls2.raleigh1.level3.net (  2.19 ms  ...   9  * * *

Cyradm for Mac OS X

(alternatively titled “things that make a sysadmin happy”)

It’s really, really, really nice to have cyradm available for Mac OS X – thanks to the fine contributors to the fink project.

(hint: I had to reinstall XCode with every darn compiler it has to get it to compile – I think it really needs gcc3.1)

I now can way more easily manage shared mailboxes without shelling into the IMAP server.

Maybe I’ll finally write the perl script for mass update of shared mailbox permissions that I can’t seem to find at all that anyone has written previously. Though I know that they just had to have done that by now.