Sounding My Barbaric Yawp

Hi there! If this post finds its way to you over the vastness of teh interwebs, I’m so glad that you’re still here.

It’s almost Winter Solstice, and simultaneously not much, but maybe a little of everything, has changed since last year’s summer solstice


that post wherein jay writes a Winter Solstice letter?

that post where all 6.5 of my estimated blog readers simultaneously exclaim “uh-oh”


… no worries (yet :D) - I shall avoid my temptation to write that long overdue, everything, everywhere, all at once blog post. For now.

Until then, still here, still hanging in there, and slowly finding my way and words again.

Elinor, wondering where why there's no book of Cat Songs

There’s a lot I’d like to say about all of those things - I’m looking forward to sharing those.

I’ve left twitter and stood up my own mastodon instance alongside my 10x blog.

If this finds you - I’d love if you reached out. You can find me there, rambly pontificating as ever before

Please say Hi!

Until next time (hopefully soon!) - remember, no matter where you go, there you are.