Summer Solstice

Truman keeping watch on the river, Summer Solstice 2017

It’s been a while – over 3 years – since I last officially rambled on at “” and after some machination that deserve its own post, the summer solstice finds me posting here again, with old posts — and even posts at what was my “home” site at mixed in.

I can’t guarantee that time won’t find me again posting again six months from now, at the next winter solstice. But it seems time again to return a bit to all the things that made rambleon, well, rambly, nerdy, funny, and maybe even sometimes poignant

In the meantime, there’s lot of history here, and a whole lot of broken links, and weird formatting that has creeped in my wordpress-to-octopress-to-jekyll-to-wordpress transition, so consider it to be web wabi-sabi and take with that the joy therein.