Starting the year looking at the last

I ended 2010 and started 2011 with something a little different — playing around with Gource — a tool for visualizing version control logs.

While it seems most of the adventure was managing to get the things converted to video and uploaded somewhere.

I finally managed to do that, thanks to Dan-O for the Creative Commons Attribution music, Sound Studio 4 (from the Indie Mac Gift Pack) for trimming it up, QuickTime (after installing 7 from the Snow Leopard DVD and resurrecting my QuickTime Pro License) for combining video and music — and finally SmugMug for hosting ad-free, non-YouTube trashed versions of the files — I bring to you a year’s worth of commits to the darmok project that’s part of my work at NC State and eXtension.

(link at

Not content to stop there — I wondered what another little project I worked on this year would look like, especially given a run-up to a the big release of a major rewrite

Here’s how it looked over the first 9 months of 2010:

(direct link)

And finally here’s some more fun thanks to the gource custom log support — a day’s worth of data for the last day of 2010 at trixietracker:

(direct link)

I love data. Totally looking forward to playing with logstalgia next 🙂