The Workout Playlist

I totally need some new workout music (yes, yes, I know, it should be “workout” — but I do own an elliptical that’s not a clothes rack) — so I’m turning to all 6.5 of my estimated blog readers for help.

So here’s my current list:

“Superman”Five for Fighting

“When You’re On Top”The Wallflowers

“Gonna Make You Sweat”C+C Music Factory

“Lose Yourself “Eminem

“No Such Thing”John Mayer

“F**k Was I (Morgan Page Remix)”Jenny Owen Youngs

“Hot In Herre”Jenny Owen Youngs

“Not Ready To Make Nice”Dixie Chicks

“In the End”Linkin Park

“Eye Of The Tiger”Survivor

“Fuego”Bomba Estéreo

“Starry Eyed Surprise”Paul Oakenfold

Basically, it’s music that I already had that I thought would be good to workout to, and that I could handle (usually) listening to it over and over, e.g. I’d have more “Rocky” music, but other than “Eye of the Tiger” — I can’t listen to it more than once a year or so.

It’s eclectic to say the least.

Out of the whole list, I replay “Lose Yourself “ and “Not Ready To Make Nice” over and over, often more than once in a 30 minute session. Those probably represent the core motivational themes of what makes good workout music for me, angry songs about personal drivetaking a stand/taking on the world. I would totally dig recommendations along that line.

So what’s on your workout list?