The New York Times still does Partial Feeds?!?

I subscribe to four blogs that deal with politics: Laura Leslie’s Isaac Hunter’s Tavern — which covers NC politics. Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish — which I read as much for how much they link out to others, as for the commentary of the staff bloggers. Matt Yglesias’ blog — who has a whole informal award named after him by Sullivan. And until today Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog. ( I also read Rogers Cadenhead’s Workbench blog — but I don’t stick that in a politics category).

Until today meant that I really was digging Nate’s site, and learning, his posts are long and involved and a challenge for my online attention span.

But Nate went to the New York Times, which would be incredibly exciting, I like the Times.

But Nate’s feed is not full. I’m not making time to click on the post to go to the website to do the scanning based on a teaser line.

Hey Nate, FiveThirtyEight and the New York Times, it’s 2010 — stop with the partial feeds. Because you sure lost a subscriber that your advertisers love to cater to.