I honestly haven’t the foggiest what’s going on with the w3c HTML working group and HTML5. I don’t read their mailing list (that is, the public one — apparently there’s some private one too).

However, I do follow the blogs and the twitters of a lot of the people who are heavily involved in this process though — so I see all these random, obscurest, glimpses of it. I have no idea who the “good guys” are and the “bad guys” are. I’ll see comments and links from multiple of the participants that seem to trigger one value that I have in software or another.

But as a complete and total outsider, not altogether unknowledgeable of the subject matter, but altogether completely ignorant of the personalities and the the process of it all, all I can say is this:

Dear W3C: You are starting to make Congress look good.

Anyone want to start a prediction market on whether we’ll see Health Care Reform or HTML5 first?