How to lose an hour and a half without really trying.

Log in to your work gmail account and see:

(the “chat” block goes on ad infinitum)

And then watch your MailPlane application – and then Safari completely go into spinning beach ball of death. Then you:

  • Test another account – works
  • Test Firefox – works
  • Test Chrome – works
  • Remove labs, themes, clear out the inbox – go back, doesn’t work
  • Uninstall flash – doesn’t work
  • Resinstall flash – doesn’t work
  • You try to run Safari’s dev tools before it locks up  – get incomprehensible error codes from google’s minimized js
  • You get locked out of your gmail entirely because you keep trying too many different browsers
  • Lather, rinse, repeat

This is the kind of stuff I really don’t enjoy about my job anymore.