Wide and Long

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was revamping my lens lineup. This is probably my next experimental evolution with photography — which for better or worse consists mostly of pictures of these two jokers.

My first DSLR lens was the Nikon 18-200. It’s a really great travel lens, it’s hard to beat the range. Over time though, I tired a bit of the lens creeping (which should be mitigated with the second generation of it) — and I guess I was a little bit spoiled with my third lens purchase, the Tokina 100mm Macro — which at 150mm effective and fast enough to get the dogs running around the yard, has become more of a portrait lens than a macro lens for me.

It may be still my favorite. Giving me pictures like this:

and this:

And after completely data-geeking out on running exiftool against all my 18-200 lens photos and realizing that almost 50% of all the pictures I took with it were at 18 or 200 — I decided I’d be well served going Wide. And Long. And trading in the one to broaden my horizons a bit.

So I went with the Nikon 10-24mm on the Wide end.

And the Nikon 70-300mm (VR) on the long

And even with quite the dance of lens-changing on the trails — I haven’t had that much fun with my camera in quite some time. I couldn’t be more pleased with both — especially on my first outing with them, a trip my wife and I took to the mountains on the NC/VA border:


All three (the two lenses and the Mountain Vacation 🙂 ) are highly recommended.