New! Improved! Now with even more questionable, but great taste

Broken Intarnets

So, after a few-years-flirtation with fame and fortune and plastic dinosaurs running their own domain has come to an end, and the dinosaurs are back here, to their original home on the web — because, well, they brighten up the place. And who wants to type “” anyway? (ok, so I know you don’t type it, but I did on the iPhone once, and that was quite enough).

So — update your links to all your favorites and remember:

Parody, satire, and humor are core values to the human experience.

And so are dinosaurs.

And plastic.

(man, this intro so needs theme music)

Actually the dinosaurs exist to give me an outlet to be marginally funny.

The key word is “marginally”

A big thanks to Ben MacNeill for the initial gift of the dinosaurs. And for James for making me register the domain name before he did and became a domain squatter and making me go to some group of lawyers with legal pads and labeled folders to take it back from him. [Ed. — yes I copied this from the old site. I said “marginally funny”]

And thanks to organizations everywhere (including mine) and all the content running over the series of tubes we call the Internet for the ongoing inspiration. You guys rock!

(Hello Wisconsin!)

(whoops, wrong ending credits — we’ll get that corrected shortly)