Picture This

I’m taking some vacation days this week, just to take a break from things and work on some personal projects around the house. (I’ve moved the home office to the bigger bonus room, done weed killer on the whole yard, and taken a whole bunch of walks with the dogs).

Today I took the camera with me to the Museum Park at the North Carolina Museum of Art and spent some time walking around. (I didn’t get any pictures that I thought were interesting (I only brought my 50mm and 100mm prime lenses, and the park is really made for wider angles).

I’ve been there 3-4 times over the last several years. I walked over there today — and while I knew that there were structures around it, I thought they were just additional outdoor sculptures. That is until I started paying attention to the deliberate paint changes in the amphitheater itself. I knew that the park theater had been there for years (since 1997 my subsequent research found) — but I didn’t remember any stories about it — or about the sculptures around it. I knew that paint change had to be deliberate though.

But I really couldn’t get a perspective on the ground — so I decided to get one from the air. I pulled out my iPhone, fired up the Maps application, pulled up the Google map for my location — and lo and behold — there it was:


I even twittered it.

Sometimes, in the most surprising of ways, the future happens, today I was there to see it in the form of a 12-year old outdoor sculpture given new perspective.

Picture that.