Let’s Do Lunch

I was pulling some of the activity data out of one of our applications — and looking to do some “live activity” and “activity today” views. Our data is stored with UTC timestamps, but we almost exclusively a U.S. shop — and for that matter, most likely a U.S. Eastern shop — so I needed to pull the working curve back into the U.S. time zone.

I got a little curious about “working hours” and decided to run a working hour query (relative to EST) — and rather amused to see the ~20% off morning/afternoon peak during the noon hour:


Yep, U.S. Eastern Time, working hour, non freerange centric. I was smug, “I can’t wait to see mine” I said to myself.


Uh. Um. Ok, well — my job really doesn’t involve editing a lot of content in the tools we track edits in. Maybe my subversion commits are different.



Google reader? (reads are in red)


Google search?


Ok, well, the latter two are a little different. Guess I’m still pretty much “traditional work hour bound” when it comes to production — although consumption is spread out into the evenings relatively evenly (there are search peaks that correspond to high edit/coding times, which I’d expect).

And clearly, I’m dead to the world midnight to 7am or so.

I love data.