Because Meat Loaf and Twitter are like Peas and Carrots

This week, a colleague from Auburn, and a colleague from Iowa State twittered our mini list of Geek versions of Meat Loaf songs, starting with “2 out of 3 can’t be accurately represented in binary – but close enough ain’t bad” and followed by:

  • “Paradise by the LCD backlight”
  • “NAT out of Hell” (like a NAT out of hell… you’ll be gone when I go to logon)
  • “Skype is a Lemon and I want my money back” (a little Alanis irony that one)
  • “For Crying Outloud [Groupwise], You Know I Hate You” (an Auburn favorite)
  • “I’d do anything for my email (but I won’t do that)”
  • “You took the urls right out of my tweet”

This is why I twitter. are you twittering? you should be.