Go ahead, splain it, I will wait

So the Foo Fighters are a little annoyed at John McCain for using their song at rallies (and a bunch of other artists are annoyed too).

Forget the Republican/Democrat part of this for a moment — that’s a whole other post (that likely I won’t write) — I really don’t care about that.

What I’d really like to know though — is that the ASCAP guild — part of the Music Labels Thug and Liars (aside, is “Music Labels” and “Thugs and Liars” redundant? — discuss) — well they seem to call such music playing as a public performance

And as a “public performance” — permission and/or licensing are required.

So I’d like to know why the labels — through ASCAP aren’t filing lawsuits against the McCain campaign.

You know, on behalf of, and for the artists?