BillyG – I am the one

So, Steve S., Steve B. and BillyG.

Guys, guys, guys.

I appreciate you bringing my boy Jerry out of retirement — but that new commercial?. Yeah… Well, it’s just not really resonating with the populace.

I know, you said it’s a start, a baby step in banality to get us to make an emotional connection to Windows again that doesn’t involve f-bombs and tossing Windows, well, out of windows.

But you guys got to get it together.

So here’s my idea. It’s already been vetted through twitter (which is more than some political nominees get).

Go Musical. (it’s working for Mamma Mia!). You remember when you hired Mick and Keith to work that ‘95 Launch? Yeah like that, but even more retro.

Look, it worked for William Hung. It’ll work for you.

Send BillyG over for an American Idol tryout, singing “Vista Bangs” — let that go viral.

Then sneak in a little while later — you and Jerry, remaking the Elton and Kiki classic “Vista, Don’t go breaking my harddrive”

(or if you prefer, Travolta and Tennille — but that’s mostly about the hair, that’s a little risky, particularly for Steve B.)

Follow that up with some “Vista Love” — yeah, you know how it goes

Vista Suzie…. Vista Sam…. Doing the the jitterbug, down in Vista land

Microsoft: Call me!

p.s. And when all that fails — Get it together