The Natural

My local community had a small parade on July 4th — and I spent some time taking pictures there.

One thing that I thought was quite interesting was the initial parade of local politicians. I wasn’t really surprised, it’s an election year, and July 4th is a political holiday, and I expect the politicians to be there.

I was a little isolated, in front of the entrance for the firehouse, and probably looking every bit the photojournalist (I was later even asked by a member of the local Civitan club which paper I was with). I got a few direct looks from the parade participants, but mostly they just focused on the crowd on the other side of the road, and on either side of me.

But six-term Congressman Bob Etheridge knew I was there. And looked directly at the lens when passing by:

Congressman Bob Etheridge

I think you can tell he’s been in the U.S. House of Representatives for 12 years.