Quotes of the Day

Cory Doctorow

…Once you get past the vanity of knowing exactly how many copies have been made, and find the zen of knowing that the copying will take care of itself, you’ll attain dandelionesque contentment.

Brent Simmons

I love it when TV People — newscasters, analysts, politicians — say they were “on the ground” somewhere. It’s a good and welcome reminder that they normally live in the clouds, in heaven, up with the angels. Not on the ground with us, where things are mysterious and messy.

JP Rangaswami

I have found the following to be true of large organisations:

And then, mysteriously, we somehow manage to create an environment where we jealously guard information; where we seek to create and extend power as a result of this jealous guarding; where we then exploit this power in all kinds of ways, some less abhorrent than others

Tying all of these together is left as an exercise for the reader.