Just FYI

We interrupt your internet with this important message.

  1. There is no Web 2.0 It’s just the Web (there’s really no web either, there’s just data, but that’s a separate subject altogether) But if you feel good about calling it Web 2.0 — that’s fine. Heck, I do too sometimes.
  2. There is no Web 1.5 Please eye anyone that says this to you with suspicion.
  3. Whatever Web 3.0 will be, it won’t be called Web 3.0. When and if you ever hear someone trumpeting some kind of vision in a presentation — and then calls anything Web 3.0? At that point you have an obligation to speak up and call their bluff. Or run away. The latter might be safer to your sanity.

This has been a public service of the Jay Broadcast Network. We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet.