Totally Phatic

Yes, I went totally phatic (props to Kevin for the term) with twitter this morning. In case you missed it — it was like my own version of JAY — behind the music:

Jason Adam Young: was leavin’ — but got sidetracked by Sunny Sweeney — leavin’ itunes NOW Jason Adam Young: IMDB left out the best Mike Burton quote ever: “it’s a mysterious world, Ed, and I’m a curious man…” Jason Adam Young: (path to Ed all via wikipedia): “Jackon” -> June Carter Cash -> Johnny Cash -> Vivian Liberto -> Ginnifer Goodwin -> Ed ( … Jason Adam Young: got out with only the Bruce Hornsby version of Fortunate Son/Comfortably Numb — whew — now browsing IMDB for quotes from the tv show “Ed” Jason Adam Young: NOT impressed with the Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby version of “Mandolin Rain” Jason Adam Young: Impressed with Flynnville Train’s “Nowhere Than Somewhere” Jason Adam Young: i’m completely out of touch with the new music since all I listen to is NPR and talk radio. Some of this is pretty good. Jason Adam Young: Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis” is clearly one of the greatest songs ever Jason Adam Young: browsing the itunes music store and avoiding making purchases

Which probably had all my twitter followers hoping and praying I don’t bring my trademark verbosity back to twitter for a while.

P.S. bonus link — Essential Viewing — Women of Country Special