Dear Software and Hardware Vendors

Hi Software/Hardware Vendors,

I can’t say enough how I appreciate academic discounts on your products. While I know that’s usually because your products are front-and-center with faculty and students who go on to spend thousands upon thousands in corporate environments, and it’s a likely write-off for you, I still think it’s nice. So I hope that you’ll know that I actually like you with the rest of what I’m about to say (except for you vendors that have ridiculously asinine dongles and license management schemes, but thankfully I don’t have to deal with you anymore).

Could you perhaps, maybe, recognize the fact that many (most?) Universities have wildly decentralized support/systems teams? That the mere fact that my colleague in a far-flung department is not in my department and just because they ordered a product/service/contract doesn’t mean that I want to be combined with them at all?

I’d really appreciate this.

K’ thanks bye!