Well that was fabulous

Hey — you are seeing this blogged in real-time folks!


followed by:

2007-02-07 10:55:30.860 Mail[2041] NULL UID 2007-02-07 10:55:30.860 Mail[2041] NULL ROWID 2007-02-07 10:56:00.019 Mail[2041] Renaming database to /Users/jayoung/Library/Mail/Envelope Index-1

That’s not good. Cute that it “detected” an error and recovered itself though.

Followed by the “new mail setup screen” after restart, and now it’s importing a ton of cached mail.


(I have shared mailboxes cached that get spam reports and a bunch of archives for external mailing lists)

Maybe it really is time to switch to Thunderbird. The whole mail indexing thing causes me problems anyway.

p.s. Have I mentioned that I love completely bogus “Time Remaining” values?