Watch this

I started to title this “The Web Killed My Video Star” or “I Don’t Like Video, (Tell Me Why)” — both of which are highly relevant pop culture references, but they are terrible titles for the subject matter.

I haven’t watched a full-length show on TV in quite some time without time-shifting, or interrupting, or browsing the internet at the same time (which because I can’t process multiple input streams at one time effectively(1) means I completely ignore the television)

I just watched this video (YouTube) from the Digital Ethnography group at Kansas State

You should watch it too

This well might be the only video that I’ve ever watched on YouTube where I watched the whole thing.

I’m not so sure about the entire list presented at the end. But a little rethinking is certainly in order.

Way to go fellow Land-Granters!

(1) so maybe I can’t multitask, but I have an extremely efficient context switch