Omni needs a urug

I subscribe to the Omni Mouth for a number of reasons, one I really, really like OmniGraffle, and two, the blog might be the absolute best example of a small company blog I’ve ever seen. The writers of it have style, pizzaz, and it’s just fun. Really fun. Although, pictures of star-nosed moles really don’t belong in my news list.

(they also have full feeds, so they get it).

But I have to admit that not only did I groan when I saw “System Guru Opening” in the titles list in my unread Google Reader items, and I went so far as to give it a “Say it ain’t so Joe” (which is really odd, because I don’t think any of them are named Joe, but I digress), when I saw that the job was at OmniGroup

Omni, guys, gals, pals, writers of great software. For good grief — don’t hire anyone at all that calls themselves a “guru”

People that call themselves gurus, aren’t. Ever.

However, for any system administration brethren that do Macintosh administration — you very likely want to check the job out. It sounds like a great job and a great place to work.(*)

Additionally, they get serious mad props for being up front about throwing your word-formatted resumes away.

But really, I know they say to put “guru” in the subject line — but for the sake of the whole profession, please don’t call yourself that. If they call you that — well you can’t help that, but you should shirk off and mumble incoherently. Or grunt. But do that after you are hired. I really don’t recommend mumbling incoherently in the interview. Been there, done that. I haven’t grunted though. Guffawed yes. Grunted no.

(* I have zero association with OmniGroup and wouldn’t know any of them if I ever saw them. I just really like their software and their blog).