Ah, the power of wikipedia

I’ve been under the weather for days now, some absurd combination of allergies and a probable cold. The word of the day, boys and girls is “congestion”

(thought I was going to say “snot” now didn’t you? — ha, that’s that you get for thoughting)

To try and keep from having both myself and my wife up all night with me coughing up parts of my lungs — I’ve been taking robitussin — which is probably quite terrible for me, but it stops the coughing almost immediately.

And I think I have taken a weeeee bit too much of it. While i’m close to within range of the 2 teaspoons every four hours deal — I’m all loopy this morning. According to wikipedia (don’t try this at home kids!) — I’m apparently mildly robotripping.

Groovy duuuuude.

(the people that would even think of doing this recreationally are seriously messed up in the head, sheesh. I can’t wait to see what kind of programming adventures come out my head this morning)