Well, MacWorld came and its almost went

And thankfully I didn’t get really excited about anything.

I think a lot of that has to do with the fact is that there were zero software announcements from Apple itself. If tens of thousands of so-called pundits that have lamented for years that Apple Computer Inc. wasn’t porting their operating system to beige boxes only to be told that Apple was a hardware company.

Well, there’s further proof. Apple Inc. is a hardware company. They just happen to write really great (well, mostly great) software to sell the hardware.

I already have a perfectly functional Airport setup — so no new Airport Extreme for me. The Apple TV is intriguing — but I don’t have a widescreen TV that could do 720p. But that’s actually the most tempting product for me.

And the iPhone? Well, it pretty cool. And exciting. And the whole wi-fi thing is intriguing to me.

But I’ve had a treo, and tried to do things with it. Biggest complete waste of money I’ve ever made. Mainly due to Verizon, but it’s not like Cingular is probably going to be any better.

It took awhile for the iPod to shake up the business (as a second-generation iPod owner that later became a brick, I know). Wait for the 3rd generation of the iPhone.

So — no temptations yet for the new computer that I can’t afford. Aperture is the only thing that would really drive a computer purchase for me, and I think Lightroom is going to work out better for me anyway. So my Powermac still has some life.

We’ll see what the year brings. But for us software weenies — MacWorld wasn’t all that exciting.