Man, I like good framworks

In the end it’s all code — but this is the first time I’ve done this and I just think this is the coolest thing that I don’t have to futz with this.

(and by the way, being able to test this in a console — great stuff)

$ script/console Loading development environment. >> newposition = => #<Position:0x25489f8 @attributes={“name”=>"", “entrytype”=>0}, @new_record=true> >> getuser = User.find_by_login(“jayoung”) => #<User:0x2540668 @attributes={…da-da-da…}> >> getuser.position = newposition => #<Position:0x25489f8 @attributes={“name”=>"", “entrytype”=>0}, @new_record=true> >> => true

And the fact that it saves newposition too. This is good stuff