So I can be an exorbitantly reactive person. (if you don’t know me, you should have heard a collective “duh” rise up just now from anyone that does). Given a series of pokes, or unresolved issues, or continued frustration about something, and I’ll react. (It’s the flipside of being quick to respond and resolve problems/issues quickly, but it still doesn’t excuse it). At the very least I’m also exorbitantly self-reflective and will usually recognize in short order when I over-react (and I have zero issues eating my pride and admitting it).

I’m working on it. Especially because it send my stress levels through the roof.

Anyway And it helps to have continued “corrective examples” of how stupid the reaction can be.

(I really need the Milton “haaah haaaah” from the Simpsons now)

So we’ve had this issue at work with grants. For good reason, Government bureaucrats have all kinds of rules that follow along with grants that involve federal money. The good reason is that you want to be responsive and responsible with the taxpayer’s money.

The problem of course with bureaucratic rules are bureaucratic interpretations of said rules — whereupon you will waste all kinds of money trying to follow the rules to not waste money.

But I digress. The long story short is that we can’t buy chairs. We have part-time staff sitting on the worst excuses for chairs you have ever seen. No arms, barely any padding, no height adjustment. You name it. It’s not like we are trying to get anyone an Aeron. We haven’t even been able to buy a decent Staples-brand task chair.

This has been driving me bonkers. And push came to shove with me wigging out monday about the fact we gave a new person that started helping us out the padded equivalent of a cafeteria chair. So I sent a nastygram, gave my chair to one of the part-time staff, so they could give their chair to the new person, and went out to buy my own damn chair (a Global Mesh-back chair — seats great). I took it home, and took my chair from home to work.

And it’s about 4 inches too short at maximum height to use my keyboard at the right height.


But I have a new chair at home. Guess that’s one way to do it.

(p.s. we did manage to get some movement on the chair problem — so we’ll be getting new chairs for the folks that need them — and I’m working on the keyboard tray 🙂 )