This is why I’ll never be a full-time programmer

Because I spend too much time worrying about stuff like this (my side of the IM conversation with my wife):

1:47:51 PM jason: so 1:48:21 PM jason: this programming language I use will automatically pluralize things 1:48:41 PM jason: like “tag” will become “tags” when you need it to 1:48:44 PM jason: too 1:48:56 PM jason: I’d like to use the attribute “expertise” 1:49:05 PM jason: but “expertises” sounds funny 1:49:20 PM jason: so what’s a good synonym for expertise? 1:49:41 PM jason: skill I guess 1:49:46 PM jason: but that is stupid 1:50:25 PM jason: I think I’ll just leave as expertise/expertises 1:50:49 PM the wife: why is skill stupid? 1:50:53 PM the wife: expertises sounds more stupid 1:51:02 PM jason: (and no, areas of expertise won’t work in the code - it’ll be labeled that way for the user though) 1:51:41 PM jason: because if you are listing something for the user - telling a bunch of extension staff to list their “Areas of expertise” is more relevant than listing their “Skills” 1:51:48 PM jason: the users will never see “expertises” 1:51:52 PM the wife: oh 1:51:54 PM the wife: ok 1:51:59 PM jason: it will always be in the program 1:52:26 PM jason: maybe I’ll call it “expertag” and “expertags” 1:52:40 PM jason: the programming construct is a “tag” 1:52:59 PM jason: this is why I’m not a professional programmer