From Chuq’s It’s Almost MacWorld Time

It’s almost hard to remember back to when the Intel transition was announced. Remember all of the pundits predicting disaster? the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes? Well, the Intel transition was so painless Steve can’t even bring it up and say “hey, we did a nice job, no?” – because it was, basically, automatic and invisible. that’s a good problem to have, but not one to manage the hype here.

You know, besides the time delays for parts of the userbase that had to wait a year for a Universal Photoshop (which is still much better than Quark’s delay getting to OS X) — that PowerPC to Intel transition may be the absolute smoothest transition of that magnitude I have ever seen. I was doing Macintosh things at the transition from 68K to PowerPC (had one of the first 6100’s out the door) and don’t remember it being that smooth.

To heck with any other product Apple has, that CPU transition impresses me the most.