One more year! One more year!

So I decided to keep my venerable four-year old desktop macintosh one more year. I had been previously going to sell it — but right now, it just makes sense to stay put.

This is by far the longest I’ve ever gotten use out of a home computer — mainly because I tend to want to stay current — and usually end up upgrading or obtaining software that goes beyond the capabilities of the hardware I have. About the only thing I can’t run on this configuration is Aperture — which I might could if I upgraded the graphics card, but I’m not sure that’s worth it.

So I’ll end up just using Photoshop or Lightroom, or even iPhoto. I’m not sure that I’ll take it to Leopard at all, probably not.

It just works.

That might be the best compliment I could ever pay to Apple, Inc — and my venerable Mac.


p.s. — now watch Apple come out with something utterly brilliant next week that I will desire greatly and break this resolution