Loudness of Silence

I’m a very open-information kind of guy — and a huge proponent of organizational transparency. This is one of the primary reasons that I work for a University, where, in spite of some tremendous pressures resulting from the philosophical battle of the “open” vs. “closed” information campus — especially in University Information Technology, it’s still allowed practice to publish and share intellectual property and business practices.

That transparency/openness desire is one of the major reasons that I have never had much of a desire to work for closed information institutions e.g. the privately held SAS, located in Cary, NC, in spite of the quality of the company, or the quality of their products.

But one company has managed to earn my begrudging respect as a master of buzz generation and marketing. And that’s of course Apple. Even their homepage teasers:


generate excitement. MacWorld should be fun to watch.

The Apple’s are few and far between. They are one of the rare groups that may have earned the right to be silent. If only that they seem to successfully deliver, and support what they deliver, and on occasion up-end entire markets.

The rest of us have to stay open.