Geek Tracking

There have been a couple of changes to the wordpress install here in the last day or so. I changed out the theme — using the “widget friendly” wp-colors theme from Kalina Web Designs (and modified slightly).

If you are like me, and you rarely if ever, visit the web pages anymore of the sites you commonly follow, well you’ll never see the new theme. Don’t worry, it’s nothing spectacular. It’s only meant to provide a nice landing page if anyone arrives from Google. Really, there’s nothing to see there.

I did some of the “widgets” things — namely the flickr widget and the widget (more on that in a second). But it seems like that the only point of those is to give more data points about the other places to keep track of me online (see also the links on my about the author page). My online world is almost solely viewed through an aggregator. The only point of rambleon is to have a place to point (or initially publish) those things that are likely in your aggregators.

In the process, I did sign up for a account, probably a few years after all the alpha geeks. I’m slowly but surely pulling myself out of the desktop. Most of my bookmarks contain items of interest to those that might be interested in the blog — if it’s personal, it’ll stay in the browser, but the rest belong in the network somewhere. I’ve never been much of a bookmarker, mainly because they often go stale eventually anyway, and Google is a better search than any hierarchical list I could create in my browser.

So, if you like — you might like my links. And hopefully in the next few months, flickr will get far more interesting (well, it’s already interesting, but my flickr in particular).

It’s an aggregator life. Get yours now 🙂