Year in review – the google chapter

So, having sold out more of my personal data than ever should be sold out to Google — I’ve been using Google Personalized Search since March — and inspired by this Google operating system blog post — here are my top searches for 2006:

  1. rdiff-backup
  2. ruby class variables
  3. rpmforge
  4. cattr_accessor
  5. ruby getoptlong
  6. darwin ports
  7. dag wieers
  8. ubuntu
  9. rails wiki
  10. ncsu gym

For the last 30 days? (can you tell what I’ve been working on?)

  1. ruby regex
  2. wake county spca
  3. variable method ruby
  4. store apache combined logs database
  5. ruby mysql
  6. ruby getoptlong
  7. ruby file i/o
  8. regex for apache combined logs
  9. move one subversion repository to another
  10. logrotate

I’m such a complete geek.

And of course — here’s the graph:


I wonder what’s up with Tuesdays and Fridays?