My manifesto

So Hugh MacLeod, over at gaping void, has challenged his readers to write their manifestos. in 500 words or less. Using less than 500 words is a particular challenge to me. But here’s mine.

In one hundred and fifty.


We technologists are a funny lot, we build hierarchies, workflows, containers, complex rulesets of code and instructions to carry the customers of our tools from point A to point C, but only through point B. We ask them to trust our black box, to plug their questions in, crank the widgets in the direction we thought they should, and trust the magic sums they get as the answers.

Somewhere lost in this byzantine maze of computational instructions and complexity of the systems we build both the technologists and the customers forget the fundamental. That no matter how good our codes and our cascaded logic gates are…

The human brain is the greatest computer of all.

Designing our systems, and expecting the ones we use to be based on that fundamental premise would change and open our carefully constructed self-contained virtual worlds as we know it. For the better. Much better.