The Vote

So I voted — here’s my sticker — right next to my “I Love NC State Ice Cream” sticker that I got at the fair (stuck on my wallet, seemed appropriate enough 😉 )


So it’s completely weird to me that the poll workers don’t check any ID at the polls. How do they know I’m who I say I am? It’s just odd that they don’t really ask for any verification. After talking with wife and brother-in-law at dinner, it sounds like it’s generally because Voter ID initiatives have apparently been struck down as disenfranchising voters, particularly poor voters who might not have ID. I’m not sure I really buy that argument, but it probably doesn’t matter really, checking ID probably wouldn’t end up any better anyway (not that it makes it better at the airports) Googling (yes, I googled at yahoo too) turns up a few resources:,,

I’m just amazed it works well at all. It seems like the left-leaning groups tend to be involved in their fair share of“irregularities” with registrations. And I wouldn’t trust a Diebold voting machine for anything (and Diebold has been rumored and reported to be a bit cozy with the Republicans). Maybe the fraud cancels itself out and works more often than not.

At the very least it’s highly entertaining, maybe more mostly from watching all the folks on both sides get completely bent out of shape by it all. Representative Republics — gotta love ‘em 🙂