I am not that Jason Young

Hi. You may have found this blog by trying to search for “Jason Young” in Raleigh, North Carolina. I understand that’s the same name of a gentlemen who lost his wife in what has turned out to be a homicide investigation in Wake County, NC. Maybe you are a member of the media, or just highly curious, or maybe you fancy yourself a junior amateur detective flexing your Google muscle.

If so, you can move along now. I’m not that guy. (there are about a half dozen Jason Young’s in Wake County and at least 30+ on the voter rolls in NC, such is the life of a common name)

I hope and pray everyday that I’ll never be that guy. That my wife and I will never experience the evil and violence of the world that has touched his family. I don’t really understand what causes someone to take the life of another person — not unless that person was directly and immediately threatening the life of my wife or my immediate family — I can’t understand or comprehend it. I know all about our human attempts, whether religious or psychological or scientific, to rationalize and attempt to explain evil and violence, but they are but little comfort and more than a little meaningless to the reality of it.

If you are searching for that guy today, do us all a favor and just go out and walk your dog, or hug your kids, or call your family and tell them you love them. Let your thoughts be with that guy or his wife’s family and friends, or even more, their daughter, for their loss.

If you found this blog searching for something about system administration, or what vaguely counts as funny, well, I’m glad you you found me. But do those above too: walk your dog, hug your kids, call your family. Or just smile at the cashier at the coffee shop that’s having a rough day, or the harried election worker tomorrow when you vote.

Plant a seed of kindness that somehow will make somebody remember that there’s good in the world still.