Now for something completely different.

I’m not much of a television watcher. I tend to stay away from popular culture in general — and TV and Movies more than most. For the last two years, in fact, I’ve watched no new television shows (I actually watched my first reality show ever last year — Hell’s Kitchen, which turned out to be entertaining until the end, and then it was just completely boring). The only shows I’ve watched more than once in the last two years have been syndicated reruns of King of the Hill, and the more than once episode of The Dog Whisperer and MythBusters. The latter two I enjoy very much, but not quite enough to DVR them.

This season, I decided to give two shows a shot, and see if I liked them or not — I went for Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I thought Heroes had an interesting premise and that likely some friends of mine would watch it and I could talk about it with them. It does and they do, but after watching the second episode, in which two bloody mobsters were stuffed in a trunk, two people had half-sawed-off heads, and one lady was pinned with knives to a staircase, that was enough. I really dislike television violence (I barely stand for it in war movies) and that was too much for me.

Studio 60 though, is fantastic. I love great television writing, and Studio 60 is as good as the early Sorkin-produced The West Wing I loved Sports Night — I loved The West Wing (until Sorkin left, and the show completely went downhill). And I really like Studio 60 last night’s episode was the best yet (I DVR them and usually watch them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.)

And because I like it, it’s sure to get cancelled.

(The funny thing is though, they have my demographic interests so nailed with that show, that I’ve actually stopped the fast forward during the commercials to watch the commercials, because the product interested me. That’s saying a lot.)