Our brains are social networks

From CU-Boulder via Roland Piquepaille

Roland has a choice pull quote:

It is clear that the brain is much more like a social network than a digital computer, with learning, memory and processing all being performed locally through graded communication between interconnected neurons. These neurons build up strong, complex “relationships” over a long period of time; a neuron buried deep in the brain can only function by learning which of the other neurons it can trust to convey useful information.

In contrast, a digital computer functions like the post office, routing arbitrary symbolic packages between passive memory structures through a centralized processing unit, without consideration for the contents of these packages.

Obligatory Commentary:

On a macro-scale — I’d say there’s a lot of implication in this for the design of software systems on top of digital computers. When you build arbitrary structure on top of data, without consideration for what that data is — you completely go against how our brains are oriented to interact with data.