Hot Damn

There’s a great reason I stay subscribed to Rands. Sometimes I’m tempted to drop it, because I don’t get a chance to really, really read him. And his posts are dense. I have dozens of posts flagged to read later and I never get to it. And they are longer than many of my own emails.

And that’s saying something.

But sometimes I take a moment and read one of them, in full. Twice even. There’s multiple topics covered, really. But two things jumped out and hit home. In introspection about a question about technology — asked by a Dean of the local College:

The next generation already knows more about computers than you do and they haven’t even made it to college yet.

The current generation never knew a home without a computer. They assume they have ready access to just about any piece of information… and they’re probably working on their own Linux distribution right now.

The point is actually about the the worthiness of the College experience in software devs. But I pulled it out to focus on the point I wanted to highlight. The current generation of students knows way more than we do about technology. Repeat that a thousand times until it sinks home and you begin to rethink about how you approach technology (hint you are already behind. So think more innovatively).

Something else I’d like to point out — and it’s not about outsourcing from America — it’s about making a difference and innovating, period.

  • You can’t outsourcing creativity. * You can’t outsource thinking. * You can’t outsource passion.

Rands gets it. Do you?