Fun with FileMerge

So you think you want to be a elite security researcher? Maybe, just maybe, hypothetically — one of your favorite open source projects releases an announcement touting a mysterious, but CRITICAL, GIGANTIC, MOTORCYCLE DEATH MACHINE security hole — so what do you do?

One, you could crash the python-based bug tracking system trying to read the code — or you could just download it and break out FileMerge — a great little GUI diff tool free for the spelunking with Apple’s Developer Tools.

Kick it off with Quicksilver (you are running QuickSilver aren’t you?)


And drag and drop your Super Sekrit Intelligence Folders, er, Sources into the comparison panes:


And Volia! You now can unlock the Mysteries of the Railsians. Quarters not included.(*)


(* It’s a joke man, they got that release out there aight? Quit your bitchin)