I am not sure this is the best way to learn Ruby

For non-ruby programmers — going through the diff of Ruby 1.1.4 compared to 1.1.5 will make your head swim.

Although I have some theories now on what the 1.1.5 release was/is supposed to fix — but I’m not sure I understand the flow of things enough to be doing anything other than typing out of my rear when I say that. If my theory is correct, I’m confused as to the actual impact scenarios — but Rails has a pretty sizeable codebase (enough that we’ve maxed the inode count on a 3GB volume with frozen rails in the apps) — and I’m just looking at diffs and well, heck if I know actually.

Maybe I should start an Inkling Market on it. (that might be ironic actually)

(of course, my black helicopter theory is still wondering if this is a ruse)