Why DRM is bad

See, I bought my Fiance an iPod Nano for our our 2 year “date-aversary” she’s got an old iMac G3 that we haven’t upgraded yet, so the short term plan was to just use my desktop and ask Apple about merging iTunes Libraries as we get married. I’ve got 300+ songs from the iTMS, she’s got 90+.

_To: Apple Support Date: Saturday, July 8th


My fiance and I are getting married in September, each of us are Macintosh users bringing our music collections with us to the family. I’d like to get the accounts merged in some way so the music collection can be merged, played on each computer. We’ve decided to merge them under my account if possible. How do we re-authorize her computer (and her purchased music) under my account?_

The response was nice enough, lots of information about the number of computers you can authorize and information deauthorizing / authorizing a computer (which of course I can find in the KB). But the opening sentence says it:

_To: Me Date: Sunday, July 9th

Dear Jason,

I apologize but it is not possible to join two or more accounts together._


Weyahl, there’s ways around that. Maybe a little murkily questionable vis-a-vis the DMCA, but certainly within the bounds of fair use.