Goodbye Cult of Mac

Goodbye Cult of Mac.

I really liked your blog and liked your writers.

But whatever stupid change you made to your feed on June 19th? Yeah, I’m out. Because not-only did you stop with the full feeds — there’s not even an excerpt.

I mostly understand the full-feeds thing. You need to sell advertising. I get that. I’m cool with that. I subscribe to Wired, and I actually look at the ads sometimes because I completely fit the advertiser’s demographic (which is different than most of the other stuff I read).

But it’s absolutely completely ridiculous to just have a feed with article titles. There’s no teaser, no hint, no anything to encourage me to visit your site.

Back in the day, Usenet writers would indicate that you’d been put in the killfile for the newsreader with a plonk — so guess what, Cult of Mac?


Update: My gut tells me it’s a screw up between them and feedburner. The other feeds for wired usually have excerpts, and many of the their blog feeds are still full-feeds. Man, I hope that’s what it is, because having the audacity to post title-only feeds is a one-way ticket to ticking off your readers.

(I also probably insulted Leander Kahney by mailing this post to them directly and saying I hope he and Pete Mortensen let their editors know about this. Whoops. Leander is Wired News’ managing editor. sorry)