Reinstalling the MacBook

I got a bit overzealous with monolingual in trying to regain some space on my new BlackBook hard drive and broke the PPC Core Services framework, thereby breaking the Carbon Framework, thereby breaking Microsoft Office. So I’m reinstalling it this morning while installing a VMWare VM, and getting two other servers setup.

Turns out it’s probably better to reinstall from the get-go. I was somewhat appalled to see that the brand-new MacBook already had close to a quarter of its 80GB HDD booked up at reception (hence my monolingual overzealousness).

Reinstalling does the trick, pulling out printer drivers, language files, GarageBand, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, (none of which is applicable to using it as a business laptop, at least my business) and making sure to install X11 (which I really which Apple would put back on the drive by default or at least making it easier to get at post-install) pares me down to a 6GB footprint. Which is relatively huge for an OS and distributed applications, but acceptable (yes I kept the Big Bang Board Games 🙂 ).

Any minor complaints aside, out of the litany of laptops I’ve personally had or had at work in the last 10+ years — this MacBook is the best laptop I’ve had.