Presentation Lessons learned

So, if you are going to rely on command+tab to switch between macintosh applications while you are using keynote to give a presentation — make sure before the presentation to go to the Slideshow preferences and check the box for the “Allow Exposé, Dashboard and others to use screen” option.

And also, if you are going to semi-wow your very bored audience with a demonstration of how easy it easy to install wildfire — make sure to a) not the skip the step of import the .sql file for the mysql schema into the database you just created on your laptop — and b) when you do — make sure to read the error message in red at the top of the screen, instead of assuming it’s just some impossible-to-quickly-troubleshoot localhost resolution/ issue. When wildfire tells you in an error message that “ The Wildfire database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error.” — then by golly — that’s probably the error.

It’s not just Power that I’m an idiot about.

And I really should install chatbot somewhere and hook it up to our FAQ database.