So much for that

So much for syncing NetNewsWire with NewsGator Online.

NNW clearly got the short end of the stick with this one. Sync’ing with NGO is what you’d expect it should be. NGO holds the master updated list, and the clients sync against that. That’s all fine and dandy.

However, NGO seems to be random in its downloads. Which is incredibly irritating. There’s no schedule associated with a feed. No indication of when it will be pulled again. And with my list of feeds, just watching it over the last 4 hours gives me zero indication of when a feed will be pulled again.

Unfortunately. I care about getting updated information for some of my feeds. And NewsGator doesn’t update when I want it. And that doesn’t cut it.

(I’d like to make a comment about it being a gigantic ASP application, but I won’t. Whoops).

I briefly tried reBlog. I did like it. Well, besides the fact that it’s not working with php5 correctly — which is what I have on the computer I tried it on. I like the idea of a web-based aggregator, like IMAP (with sieve) — it would be pretty useful given how I’m coming to read most of my news (in spurts — at odd times, only briefly throughout the day most days — and way too much on a few days)

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten really, really, really used to the groups model of reading syndication feeds. I have 185 feeds in 34 groups, of which I mentally assign varying importance levels. A few friends plus coworkers plus the eXtension wikis/blogs gets top billing. Macintosh and Gadgets next. PHP, Sports, and techies that talk politics almost never. With reBlog, it’d just be a river, and the one or two branches I really care about in the river would get lost in the rapids of some of the feeds. I may end up moving to reBlog — running a few copies of it at different URLs that I’d check at different times.

It very much does seem that we should have a reBlog installed for eXtension in some way. The idea of multiple people checking an reBlog aggregator, and then marking certain items out of Extension system feeds, or Extension-related sites, for republishing into a feed (or into a wordpress blog) seems really, really intriguing (why aren’t we doing that yet?)