More BootCamp

I’m sure Apple absolutely loves this press…

so just for the record, because most people don’t really know how to read/take what I write or say when I’m in tongue-in-cheek mode (as evidenced in the past with interacting with folks on campus):

From: Subject: Re: [packmug] Windows and iPod Date: April 5, 2006 8:38:33 PM EDT To:

Oh, just in case — because I got in trouble for this before 🙂

My last note was a terribly tongue-in-cheek response (except for the whole IE and Dante part :-p) about the whole boot camp thing. Dual-boot is overrated, I think, because one side or the other DOES most often get neglected — but for those with intel macs it might be cool and actually work well for you — so try it out! Let the PackMUG know how it goes!


But I’m still in agreement with Ted Leung