Power Taste Test

In theory, I’m on vacation today. What that mostly means is that I’m hanging out with some pals to watch baseball opening day after noon today. So I end up doing work all morning. Well, Wake County, NC is getting rocked by thunderstorms today (though nothing like the severity that midwest experienced last night). I emailed James and asked him to call me if the power goes out on the servers (they are on UPS’s but I don’t have them monitored, and they are not in buildings with generators, which is just overkill for now).

So… after sending a rather benign:

If ncsu loses power and something of ours goes down — let me know. Cell == ###-###-####. I’m at home until noon — but my friend doesn’t have wireless — so I won’t be on the network after noon until this evening.

and then he responds:

I will not test the outlets with my tongue. No. Absolutely not.

Best LOL of the day.

All I could say was that paperclips would be fine, I was laughing so hard.